How Long do you Cook Asparagus?

Today’s commonly asked question is about asparagus:

How Long Do You Cook Asparagus?

There is no correct answer to this question unfortunately. This really is a matter of personal preference. I personally like my vegetables with a little snap to them, so I do not really cook my asparagus that long.

I see many people cooking their asparagus until its soft and wilting. Personally, I think this is a crime, but if you prefer your veggies this way, then by all means, cook it to death. Remember though…. The longer you cook your vegetables, the less nutrients they will have.

The length of time you cook your asparugus also depends on the type of cooking method.

There are three ways that I personally like to cook fresh asparagus and by far the best in my opinion: parboiling, roasting and grilling.

First things First – Prepare the Asparagus

Before you cook your asparagus, there needs to be some simple preparation. You need to first wash your asparagus to remove any dirt or other particles. Then you need to cut your asparagus if it has not already been cut for you. Cutting your asparagus is a must. There is a very tough part that is not edible and needs to be removed….

Please follow this link to view the rest of this article on cooking asparagus

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