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Thanksgiving Cornbread Stuffing Recipe

Nothing compliments a delicious Thanksgiving turkey better than a good homemade stuffing. No store bought stuffing allowed here, especially when it is very easy to make your own. There are so many different ways to make a good stuffing, but the following recipe is one of my favorites. It is much more exciting then your traditional stuffing.

I would like to clarify something first before we begin. This recipe is called a stuffing, but it is actually a dressing. A stuffing is something that is actually stuffed into the turkey during the cooking process, while a dressing is made separately. I prefer to make this recipe separately as I feel it is safer. If you cook anything inside a turkey you run the risk of getting sick. This is because anything cooked inside a turkey may not reach a hot enough cooking temperature to safely kill harmful bacteria. Why take the risk when you can make a delicious stuffing, or dressing, separately….. Let’s begin…

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